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Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval is a very delicate shamanic procedure, where the shaman journeys to a lost soul part in an effort to reunite it with the soul-whole. It is something not to be undertaken lightly.

However when it is successful, there is a major transformation for the person involved. A soul part breaks away during a traumatic experience. This trauma could be something that as a child or younger person was unbearable, such as parental separation or death.

Divorce, giving way to new relationships can also cause this. As an adult these things would be quite understandable, but sometimes impossible for a younger mind to face. This also happens to adults and age does not guard against it happening.

Unexpected life events such as trauma, violence, sexual assault, abuse and also depression. 
Often a person will have feelings that something is missing, that a part of them is not there. This often indicates such a loss. As a shaman I will carry out a distant procedure, where I tune-in to your energy field and make a spirit journey on your behalf. During the journey I will travel to the place where the soul parts dwell and ask the gatekeeper for permission to enter, once inside I will ask to be shown your soul part, naming you to the gatekeeper. If he is in agreement, I will be taken to the room or area/areas.

Once face to face with the soul part, I will begin a healing dialogue, with the intention of asking that they return to the soul-whole. Sometimes it will take more than one journey to get the agreement for that part to return. (This would be at no extra charge) but once they do agree and it is very unusual for them not to, so long as they feel that they will be safe and nurtured, then a ritual is performed and they are brought back. Once reunited, I perform a full healing and balancing session, in order that all is complete and as it should be once more. 

You will receive the following:

  • Energetic dowsing session

  • Full shamanic journey

  • Full healing and re-balancing session

  • Full unlimited email support both during and after

  • Any extra shamanic journeys needed for this particular soul rescue at no extra cost (Please note: This does not cover other separate soul-parts, which might need returning in possible future sessions. This covers the part/fragment in question discovered during that particular session.)

The fee for this service is 60

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