Soul Path Guidance

We all have times during our earth journey when we are unsure as to the next step to take on our spiritual evolution. Or perhaps we have all of the so called good things in life, but somehow feel that weíve still somehow missed the boat. You may have an existing spiritual practice and feel that somehow it has grown stale. Or you might be looking for something to fill a deep hunger you are feeling, and have no idea how to go about satisfying it. You may have walked away from a religious belief system and miss the spiritual elements, if not the dogma. On the other hand, you might be seeking a form of organised religion and that too is wonderful.

We are all unique; donít believe that, just take a look at your fingerprint. I can offer you a sacred space, energetically filled with compassion and unconditional love. The only two things I will ask of you during our session will be truth and trust. With this foundation we can work together to find your own answers and explore your own truth.

You might have questions concerning your Spiritual Development or have questions on subjects such as Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters or Healing and Energy Work. The session is for you and my place is to help you uncover your own answers.

Sometimes we need to be prepared to look beyond the light and the brightness and instead allow ourselves to see the darkness, for this serves us too.

The work can be hard, but beautiful and so rewarding. I can say this because I, like everyone else, am walking a path. I come to this work with many wounds. In order to be in this place today, I had to face my own shadows and work through my own addictions. So trust me, nothing said in session will surprise or offend me. I have found the strength to love myself and in so doing love the world, but it hasnít been easy. The work isnít about being clever or knowledgeable, but is instead concerned with being authentic. The space isnít intended for neatness and precision, but about growth and this can at times be messy.

The work we will do together is exciting and groundbreaking. You can work on anything, so long as it has a spiritual connotation.

The price is £35 for a 45 minutes audio session on Skype. For savings on block bookings please see the fees and pricing section of the main Life Coaching page Here

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