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An Anam Cara reading is a Soul Reading. The name comes from the old Celt and is still found in use in Ireland today. Roughly translated it means Soul Friend.

The idea being that when two people come together so completely, their auras merge and so in doing there is an openness, a heart closeness that defies normal everyday functionality.

The bond formed knows no barriers or boundaries and allows for a person to reach within the other and see that person’s true potential.


This early Celtic practice was merged into the new Christian ways and formed part of The Celt Christian Faith.

In an energetic sense there is no distance, no time and nothing that is not part of the wholeness that is God/Goddess. In this way I am able to forge such an energy bond with you over any distance, as to spirit a thousand miles might as well be an inch.


Saint Bridget once said that “A person without an Anam Cara, is like a body without a head".

I am able to offer you an Anam Cara Soul Reading because of my many years of service to the world of spirit. I have been a practicing Druid for over nine years and a clairvoyant with over twenty five years’ experience. I have many psychic abilities including psychometry and it is this which enables me to divine your own unique energetic signature and tune into it. I developed this skill from in-person usage where I would tune into a physical photograph or object and conduct a reading.

To do this service for you, all I will need is a photograph, your date of birth and time of birth, if you know it and the rest will be left in my hands.

I am also a Tarot Master and an empath.

I bring these skills and techniques up to date with my qualifications and experience as a therapist, counsellor and life coach.

I am also a registered member of the UK charity ‘Counselling’.

We all have times during our life when we are unsure as to the next step to take on our spiritual evolution. Or perhaps we have all of the so called good things in life, but somehow feel that we’ve still missed the boat. You may have an existing spiritual practice and feel that somehow it has grown stale. Or you might be looking for something to fill a deep hunger you are feeling, and have no idea how to go about satisfying it. You may have walked away from a religious belief system and miss the spiritual elements, if not the dogma. On the other hand, you might be seeking a form of organised religion and that too is wonderful, powerful and empowering, if you know how to connect with it.

We are all unique; don’t believe that, just take a look at your fingerprint. I can offer you a sacred space, energetically filled with compassion and unconditional love. The only two things I will ask of you during our session will be truth and trust. With this foundation we can work together to find your own answers and explore your own truth.

You might have questions concerning your Spiritual Development or have questions on subjects such as Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters or Healing and Energy Work. Your relation to God and how this fits into a modern world. You might feel drawn to a Goddess, yet feel a strain to make everything make sense. The session is for you and my place is to help you uncover your own answers.
Sometimes we need to be prepared to look beyond the light and the brightness and instead allow ourselves to see the darkness, for this serves us too.
This is a distance service and you need do no more than make yourself available and be prepared to relax and let me do the work, for the main hour long session. After this session you will receive a detailed report giving you my findings, experiences, thoughts and possible ways to move forward. 
One Hour Session + Oracle Card Reading  + Unlimited email support. All distance and carried out via email.
The Fee for this session is 

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