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Know your Spiritual Guide

I offer a service to help aid a much stronger connection with your own spirit Guide, yes, we all have them. During a session, which I conduct on your behalf and with the assistance of my own guide, I facilitate an energetic connection through which I am able to channel information directly from your own guide.

What comes via this link can and does vary, for nothing can ever be guaranteed when dealing with spirit. However that said, most sessions do furnish either some or all of the following information:

Your Spiritual Guide’s name
Ways to strengthen your working connection with your Spiritual Guide,

Guides pick up on the energetic signatures of such things as flowers, colours and scents and doing this enables them to draw ever closer to you.

To experience this for yourself, you need only give me a current photograph of yourself and your name, together with your date of birth and time of birth if known. This enables me to make an energetic connection to you and helps facilitate a connection in turn with your Spiritual Guide, enabling her or him to make use of my abilities and convey any information they would like you to know.

Card Reading
A description of your Guide’s appearance.
Past Life connections with your guide, if such a connection exists.This is often the case, as we tend to incarnate with other members of our soul group.
A message channelled exclusively from your guide for you.

You will also receive a card reading in answer to the question, what would my Guide have me understand?

The fee for this service is all inclusive and a full refund is offered should there be no successful contact.
The fee for this service which is conducted distance via email is £60
Guaranteed results or your money back

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